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Day 19 of Fictional Band February: Rowlf the Dog!

It was hard to decide on just ONE Muppet musical act.  In the end, I had to go with my favorite Muppet - Rowlf the Dog.

Rowlf is one of the oldest Muppets, starting in a 1962 Purina Dog Chow commercial.  Before the Muppet show, Rowlf was also a regular on the Jimmy Dean show and appeared on Sesame Street.  But he was featured a LOT on the Muppet Show.  Not only was Rowlf the house piano player, but also the star of Veterinarian’s Hospital as Dr. Bob (where he could really show off his love of bad puns).  Aside from solo piano numbers, Rowlf also performed with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem and the pit orchestra!

Rowlf appears in every Muppet movie but after 1990 he was pushed to the background for obvious reasons.  But he does get a bigger part in last year’s The Muppets, which is great!

Today’s song is off of ‘Ol’ Brown Ears is Back,’ released in 1993 (but recorded in 1984).  It’s a collection of some of Rowlf’s better performances - and even covers of Bein’ Green and Halfway Down the Stairs!  But I had to share one of the great songs of our time - You and I and George.  It was first performed by Rowlf on the Mike Douglas show and more famously, in the first episode of the Muppet Show (and later on the show again in the Phyllis George episode).

So that’s Rowlf in a (hopefully accurate) nutshell!  Which Muppet musical act is your favorite?

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